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This our second option for sizes, and features 300 filters. With more simple packaging, you get three times as many filters for only twice the price of our classic size. Perfect for those who brew regularly or for coffee shops who feature Aeropress on their brew bar.


Aesir Filters are a premium option for the Aeropress coffee brewer; using high quality paper, the result is a coffee that is cleaner, brighter, more full bodied with less sediment and bitterness. For the coffee shop that wants to present the best possible coffee to their customers or for the home brewer who is dedicated to chasing the perfect brew.


Adored by home brewing enthusiasts and champion Baristas around the world, including:

Shuichi Sasaki - 2014 World Aeropress Champion

Carolina Ibarra Garay - 2018 World Aeropress Champion

Rasmus Madsen - 2019 Danish Brewers Cup Champion

Michiko Ohara - 2019 Japanese Aeropress Champion



.... And many more.


Also available from our shop on


300 filters per package

For wholesale enquiries, please email us at


Our 300 Series filters are stored and shipped from our warehouse in Asia

Shipping to the United States is 7-12  Business Days

Shipping to Canada is 9-13 Business Days

Shipping to Europe is 5-7 Business Days 

These timelines do not include items going through and clearing customs

For any other regions, please email us and we will send you a shipping quote. 

Our 100 Series is stored and shipped from our warehouose in the United States, and depending on your locaiton, may offer faster and cheaper shipping, so we recommend checking both to see which item is better suited to your delivery area.  As a general rule, except for the UK, Germany, France and some countries in Asia, the shipping rates for our 100 Series will be much lower and we would recommend purchasing those to keep costs down, or purchase from one of our many wholesalers .

Aesir Filters 300 Series

SKU: 30001
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