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Aesir Filters was born out of a relentless pursuit for better coffee. The founder, Eldric Stuart was operating Aubade Coffee at the time, a world renowned* shop known for it's attention to detail and focus on quality, and he was never satisfied with any coffee he ever brewed. Always looking to better understand the science of brewing, he kept experimenting, trying to eliminate negative cup aspects. Knowing that one of the biggest differences between some brew methods is the type of paper filter used, Eldric started playing around with different filtration mediums for Aeropress while prepping for the Canadian Aeropress Championship in 2016. 

Like many others, he tried using other filters that were available from various brew methods, and while they produced different results, it wasn't quite what he was seeking. And so he started reaching out to paper suppliers, getting samples, trying to find the perfect qualities that would produce the best possible cup. He discovered the ideal pore size and flow rate for the Aeropress and started using them in competition, finishing 4th, 3rd and 2nd in subsequent years while preparing to launch the product to others. 

We now have mulitple former WAC winners who use our filters on a regular basis, like Carolina Ibarra Garay and Shuichi Sasaki (who is also our official Japanese Distributor).  In last year's competition, there were many National Champions (Japan, Denmark, France, Netherlands, UK) who used our filters, and were very excited that both the 3rd place and 1st place winners in the 2019 WAC used our filters in competition.  They are quickly becoming the standard filters to use in competitions, or at home if you are serious about making great coffee. 

Aesir Filters is based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and we have an international warehouse in Asia that ships worldwide. We are continuing to innovate and develop new products in our never ending quest to push the boundaries of brewing forward. 

* Selected as one of the Top 150 Coffee Shops in the World by Lonely Planet

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